Monthly Archives: October 2018

Text Analysis

The following article by Lauren Klein expressed both an interesting historical story and the significance of text analysis under these conditions. Lauren Klein prefaces the story by outlining the relationship between Jefferson and his servant James. Regarding text analysis, we see to determine the true relationship between James and Jefferson and specifically, in regards to… Read More »

Topic Modeling

Topic modeling is a unique approach to extract information and digest the results from a collection of documents. This article defines topic modeling as, understanding “buckets of words,” and providing seductive but obscure results in the forms of easily interpreted (and manipulated) “topics.” There remain many tools within the field of topic modeling, and specifically,… Read More »

Text Analysis and Visualization

The power of text is stressed. A clear understanding should be laid as the power of text remains, even as other forms of visual contact take off. As million of hours of Youtube and other visual digital forms are uploaded by the minute, most is categorized by text, a major feature that we ca use… Read More »