Developing Things (Ramsay, Rockwell)

By | December 14, 2018

The core debate behind this paper is whether scholarly work published in print or online holds the same significance in the academic community. During a rapid period of digital change taking place within our world, certain areas of change experience moral debate as they shift. Another issue present in this article is how analysis taking place compares to conventional analysis. It is noted that people try and define a “computer” and thus, all following work either created on that computer or published in digital form compares to paper copy. 

Since no users have commented on this article, I will expand by analysis on the following quote, “the question, rather, is whether the manipulation of features, objects, and states of interest using the language of coding or programming (however abstracted by graphical systems) constitutes theorizing. The main debate here mentions the assistance of tools a computer gives a user, and thus not as important as free-hand writing. Questioning the difference between coding and writing language as the same act, even more important, do they hold the same level of significance in the academic community. Beyond the specifics of this article is to mention the amazing debate that occurs when an industry becomes shocked by innovation.


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