Text Analysis and Visualization

By | October 23, 2018

The power of text is stressed. A clear understanding should be laid as the power of text remains, even as other forms of visual contact take off. As million of hours of Youtube and other visual digital forms are uploaded by the minute, most is categorized by text, a major feature that we ca use to visualize the relationship and frequency these text terms hold with one another. “It is estimated that every day some 200 billion emails are sent and some 5 billion Google search queries are performed – and they are nearly all text-based.” Can we take this information and create a digital image? Create a way to represent data?


In the process of trying to understand these text files, we follow the process of turning “bits and bytes” into a structured “format and markup” which should allow us to visualize and conclude on results of the data. In a simple case of text visualization, a word mashup can be used, and their remain multiple digital software available to make this easy. Although this will not instill a mathematical way to determine the relationship between items, it stands for a great way to briefly visualize data. In a concluding thought, we can gain new incite from the distribution and frequency of words, such as in the case of Alice and Wonderland.

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