Text Analysis

By | October 29, 2018

The following article by Lauren Klein expressed both an interesting historical story and the significance of text analysis under these conditions. Lauren Klein prefaces the story by outlining the relationship between Jefferson and his servant James. Regarding text analysis, we see to determine the true relationship between James and Jefferson and specifically, in regards to the debate over freedom.

User ‘ecullen’, highlights the line, “one of the information that I’ve just told you is immediately evident in the letter on the screen”, which in context, is emphasizing the significance that certain phrases might not be picked up unless a full text analysis has taken place. The text that is under debate here is the phrase, “former servant James”, which as we now know, is directly referring to Jeffersons former servant James Hemings. Moving forward, we not power of text analysis, and as the analysis itself cannot help us understand the meaning behind phrases, we do note the amazing findings that can follow a change in understanding of an article with the discovery of a new word or term.

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